Why CrossFit is for EVERYONE

If you walk into CrossFit Brunswick, you will see all kinds of people with various backgrounds, ethnicities, ages, and athletic abilities. What makes CrossFit for everyone is the scalability. What is scalability? Scalability is when there is a workout or specific movement that you just do not have the hang of yet, or there might be a physical limitation that does not allow you to perform a specific movement, and there is a scaling/modification option for that movement. At CrossFit Brunswick, we want to make sure you have a great, but safe, workout. Scaling workouts and movements allows us to do this.

For the first year ever, CrossFit Head Quarters has released adaptive divisions in the CrossFit Open for athletes with upper and/or lower body extremity limitations, neuromuscular disorders, vision impairments, along with a few more. This is the same kind of accessibility we offer at CrossFit Brunswick.

We try to make sure that we have options for anyone who comes through our doors so we can ensure a great, but safe workout. Scalability is why CrossFit is for everyone.