Misty Johns

Misty Johns

Misty Johns



Working out or performing any kind of physical activity has never been “my thing”. My husband and sons have always enjoyed sports and working out, but me… never! I have done everything possible to shy away from exercise and for years they told me how I could benefit from the CrossFit workouts and nutrition. After surviving Breast Cancer, I decided to step up to the plate, if anything but to prove them wrong. The only thing… I did not prove them wrong, I proved myself wrong! That was 1 year ago! What a transformation… the workouts, tough but rewarding, friendships… they are the best!

My personal goals have ignited a passion for a healthier lifestyle using CrossFit to help achieve them. When asked to partner with Kelly Heath as co-owner of CrossFit Brunswick, it was a no brainer. Sharing my experience with others and seeing them achieve their goals is the most rewarding part of our CrossFit Brunswick family.

Working behind the scenes, with the administrative side of the business, is where I thrive. Creating and providing new and better fitness opportunities for everyone is my passion. CrossFit Brunswick is a family of like-minded people achieving things we never thought possible through fitness and nutrition. I am not a fitness guru, I am just a wife, mother, and breast cancer survivor who must have a good balance of exercise and nutritional coaching in my life!

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