Mike Cobb

Mike Cobb


  • CrossFit Level 1


I was never big into athletics as a child but I was very active playing outside in my neighborhood. I was always slender and scrawny, even into my high school days. I graduated and got married shortly after and had three girls. I did not get into any type of real exercise until I in rolled in a fitness class while in college. I used the running information I was learning to become more healthy and more fit while running with my middle daughter as an additional benefit for her while she played soccer in school. We usually butted heads so she would run in the opposite direction.

I smoked for about 15-16 years and had quit and was wanting to make exercise my addiction instead of smoking. I did not get into CrossFit until after my wife had been introduced to it by her friend. I attended a few classes at a different gym here in town and I knew I was hooked. I would rush after work to make the class time. I joined CFB in October of 2014. I remembered how awkward I felt coming in and not know anyone but soon got to know some of the people. The community and friendly people encouraging me during my time working out kept me coming back over and over again.  Soon I found myself helping other athletes while the coach was busy on the other side of the gym. One of my prior coaches said to me at that time, “Mike, all you need to do is get certified, you’re teaching it the correct way.” I was soon approached later and asked if I was interested in coaching because I mentioned that I had been thinking of getting my L1 certification. I waited a few days and talked it over and finally committed to giving back my knowledge and training that I was receiving. I enjoy helping others on their journey for their fitness goals. I had a prior coach say to me one time, “We CrossFit to do life better!” I hope all of our current and future athletes enjoy CrossFit as much as I do!

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