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“8 years later, it all comes full circle.” -Keith Hand (original owner of CFB) on being re-instated 8 years later as the owner of Crossfit Brunswick! Welcome back, Keith! So excited to see what the future holds. #thecircleofcfb #samegym #CFB


10 minutes Coach’s choice Game

WOD Prep

Spend 10 minutes warming up t2b and progressions

Metcon (Time)

Partner Work

30 Minute Cap

1 Mile Run

Max Effort T2B

Partner A will run, while partner A is running, partner B will be doing max effort T2B. When partner A comes in from the run, both partners will switch.

Partners can partition run as desired until both have each completed a mile run.

Score is the 2 mile time and number of t2b

Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)



-Achilles tendon



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