Wednesday 061417

CrossFit Brunswick – CrossFit

FREE Friday is THIS FRIDAY! Bring a friend to ANY class for FREE for a fun partner (maybe team) workout! CFB Social to follow the 6:15 class!


LONG time on the barbell today…

45min for Warm-up & Strength

400m Run/500m Row

Burgener warm-up w/PVC

5 High-Hang Power Snatch

5 Low-Hang Power Snatch

5 Mid-Shin Power Snatch

5 High-Hang Snatch

5 Low-Hang Snatch

5 Mid-Shin Snatch

Mobilize as needed between sets

Warm-up High-Hang Snatch


High-Hang Snatch (10min)

-start around 50% and build to no more than 70%

Low-Hang Snatch (10min)

-Start around 60% and build to no more than 80%

Snatch (10min)

-start around 70% build to a heavy single


Metcon (Time)

For Time, 8min Cap:


Push-ups (+HSPU)

Pull-ups (+C2B)
10 Push-ups + 1 Pull-up

9 Push-ups+ 2 Pull-ups


1 Push-up+ 10 Pull-ups

Extra Credit

Conditioning: Assault Bike, Tabata Sprints

Mobility: Foam Roll/Lax Ball Lats

Core: 50/50 GHD Sit-ups/Hip Ext

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