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CrossFit Brunswick – CrossFit

Box News: We will be hosting a ‘Pamper Event’ from Wellman Family Healthcare today from 4-6pm. If yo signed up for a 15min massage make sure you are here and on time for your appointment!

Free Friday and CFB Social this month will be on Friday the 19th.

Second Nutritional Lecture will be Saturday the 20th at 10am.

Wellman Family Healthcare will be at the gym today from 4-6pm! Swing by, get a massage, and see what they are all about! Come support another local business! #community #fitfam #wellness


15min for Warm-up, Mobility, & Instruction

6min EMOM

40sec Slow Row + PVC Shoulders

20sec Rest & Rotate

40sec Moderate Row + Band Pull-Aparts

20sec Rest & Rotate

40sec Fast Row + OHS w/PVC

20sec Rest & Rotate

Then, 5 reps each w/ a barbell or PVC

Tall Muscle Snatch

High Hang Muscle Snatch

Low Hang Muscle Snatch

Snatch Drops


Tall Power Snatch

High Hang power Snatch

Low Hang Power Snatch

Mobility: PVC Shoulders & T-Spine Ext as Needed

Warm-up Snatch to ~50-55%1RM


Snatch (20 x 1)

-1rep EMOM for 20min.

-Start at 50-55%1RM and increase weight by 10% every 5 reps.

-Final 5 reps should be at 80-85% 1RM.


Metcon (3 Rounds for reps)

Three 3min Rounds for AMRAP:


21 Cal Row

15 Snatches 95/65 (+115/80)

3:00-6:00 REST


15 Cal Row

9 Snatches 115/80 (+135/95)

9:00-12:00 REST


9 Cal Row

3 Snatches 135/95 (+155/105)

Extra Credit

Strength/Accessory: 50 GHD Sit-ups w/MB

Skill/Conditioning: 2 x 400m Sprint

Mobility: Banded Shoulders, 3min/side

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