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The gym will be closed for renovations Saturday December 8th and Sunday December 9th! !

Christmas party and White Elephant exchange will be held at the Box on December 14th! Bring a dish and a friend!

Driven Orders will be placed on December 15th!


Warm-up (No Measure)

All @ 100ft:

High knees

Butt kicks

Walking lunges w/ twist

Toy soldiers

Hurdle walks

Banded front rack (30 secs per side)

Passive bar hang (30 secs)

3 sets:

5 inch worms

5 ring rows

3 power cleans (build in weight each set)

Power Clean Complex

Set an 18 min clock with 2 min intervals:

1: Power clean complex

1 clean pull + 1 power clean w/ pause in receiving position + 1 power clean (135/95)

**this is strictly for movement practice, this should NOT be heavy, so modify weight if needed. Score set with best technique

2: KB rows

20 Single arm Bent over KB rows (10 per arm) (pick a moderate weight)

3: Midline Activation:

15 hollow rocks + 15 supermans + 10 KB RDL’s


Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

8 min AMRAP:


Pull ups (ring rows)


Power cleans @ 125/80

**modify weight as needed
Rx+ (155/115)

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