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Box News: New Month, New Sweatangels promo! This month we are working with Bright Pink to promote Breast Cancer Awareness. Check-in with #breastcancerawareness.

Our new Baseball Tees are available for pre-order!

The Free Friday & CFB Social will be on the 20th.

Halloween Party at Daniel & Danielle’s on Saturday the 21th.

Travis getting ready to row.


12min for Warm-up, Mobility, and Instruction

3min DU/SU Circle of Skill

Then, 3 sets of:

:30sec PVC Shoulders

:30sec Wall Squat Therapy

Then, 5reps each with a barbell:

Tall Muscle Snatch

High Hang Muscle Snatch

Low Hang Muscle Snatch

Tall Power Snatch

High Hang Power Snatch

Low Hang Power Snatch

Warm-up Hang Snatch


Hang Snatch (20 x 1)

-1 rep EMOM for 20min

-Choose 1 weight for ALL 20 sets, below 75% to practice technique, above 75% to train strength.

-Practice/warm-up DUs between sets


Metcon (Time)

4 Rounds for Time, 16min Cap:

40 DUs (x3 singles)

200m Run

10 Hang Power Snatch 95/65

Extra Credit

Strength/Accessory: DB/KB Bent Over Rows, 3 x 8-10/arm

Skill/Conditioning: 10min jog/row/bike at conversational pace.

Mobility: Ankles & Calves

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