Sunday 080518

CrossFit Brunswick – CrossFit

We’re proud of this very short achievement board (it’s 2 months worth and I think it was forgotten about). Regardless, sending a shout-out to Melissa for her “accidental” PR on Fran! HOW does one do that? #PR #achievements #visualizeyoursuccess,We’re proud


10min for WOD Explanation & Athlete’s Choice Warm-up


We have something special in store for today….. you’ll have to show-up to find out what it is!!!

Metcon (Time)

“Team Marathon”

We as a gym will MOVE through an entire Marathon, or 42, 195m.

These meters will be completed as a combination of Running, Rowing, and Biking.

(1mile Biked = 1600m)

Clean (1rm)

Death-By Cleans:

1 clean EMOM, adding weight each rep, until failure.

-Starting Weight 95/65, must add at least 5# per rep.

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