Success Stories

5D6F199F-07C3-4AB6-B009-68DBC4501358I like CrossFit for different reasons. First, my health. Being a former smoker, it has helped me become stronger and more happy with myself in terms of how I feel and look. I spent most of my life thin as a rail with no definition at all.

Second, it is a major stress reliever! It helps me clear my mind of all the idiotic things that go on where I work.

Third, I like that we all do the same workout regardless of one’s own fitness level. I tell people I meet daily that the workouts can all be tailored to one’s own fitness level.

Lastly, and most likely important, it also lets me be me, by challenging myself for new goals or catching a dance fit  during the strength session of the day! See you at the BOX!

~Mike Cobb, Member Since October 2014