Blast! BootCamp

Are you pressed for time?

Do you want to workout during the day?

Blast! classes at CrossFit Brunswick are exactly what you are looking for! We’ll help you get your daily workout in just 30 minutes!! The workouts are group based, barbell free, and instructor led. You’ll feel better each and every day you participate. The workouts are intensity driven with the use of mainly bodyweight movements. The goal is to burn fat and strengthen the body beginning with the core! You don’t have to be a member to get started and there aren’t any orientation classes. Just show up with determined and ready to work! Classes begin promptly at 8:15am and 12 noon, Monday through Friday. If you’re interested in changing your lifestyle on a time crunch, stop by or contact us for more information TODAY!

Email us at for and ask how you can get TWO WEEKS of bootcamp for FREE!!