Monday 061118

CrossFit Brunswick – CrossFit

-June’s Free Friday & CFB Social will be THIS Friday June 15th!

-Nutrition Challengers; Your next Lecture will be THIS Saturday the 16th at 10am with Coach Kansas (not the 23rd as previously listed).

-Don’t forget about Father’s Day coming up on June 17th!

It’s MONDAY! Let’s trump that case of the Monday’s with a little fitness. “Strength and growth come only through continuous effort and struggle.” -Napoleon Hill #mondaymotivation #tuesdayeve #backtothegrind #crossfitbrunswick


20min for Warm-up, Mobility, & Instruction

Slow 5min AMRAP

30′ Walking Samson Stretch w/PVC

10 Snatch Grip Push Press

30′ Walking Samson Stretch w/PVC

10 Wall Squat Therapy w/PVC

Then, Mobility

T-Spine Ext, 2min

PVC Shoulders, 2min

Then, w/empty barbell

5 Tall Muscle Snatch

5 High Hang Muscle Snatch + 1 OHS

5 Low Hang Muscle Snatch + 1 OHS

5 Standing Sots Press

5 High Hang Power Snatch + 1 OHS

5 Low Hang Power Snatch + 1 OHS

5 Power Position Sots Press

Review & Warm-up Low-Hang Snatch


Low-Hang Snatch (6 x 3, 4 x 2)

-One set of 2 or 3 reps every 2min for 20min (10 total sets)

-Reps do NOT have to be touch-and-go.

-Start at 60%1RM and increase by 5% EVERY TWO SETS. Final 2 set should be 80%1RM.







Metcon (Time)

For Time, 12min Cap:

10-to-1 Bar Facing Burpees

*1 Hang Snatch AFTER each round.

Rx 115/80, Rx+ 155/105
-Workout finishes with a hang Snatch

Extra Credit

Strength/Accessory: 3 x 8-10 Strict WIDE GRIP Pull-ups

Skill/Conditioning: 10min jog/bike/row at a conversational pace

Mobility: Bar Smash/Foam Roll Lats

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