CrossFit Brunswick – CrossFit


-high knees (rig to rig)

-butt kicks (rig to rig)

-side shuffle (rig to rig)

-karaoke (rig to rig)

-broad jump (rig to rig)

-hamstring loaded squats x10

-arm circles and bear hugs x10 each

-world’s greatest stretch x3 each leg

-scales w/ leg swing x5 each

-inchworms x5

-windmills x10

-orbits and pass throughs x10 each

-goodmornings (w/pvc) x10

Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

30:00 AMRAP

P1: 400m run w/ med ball (14/20)


8 thrusters (65/95)

10 box jumps (20/24)
while P1 is running P2 is doing the couplet. once P1 gets back P2 will start the run and P1 picks up where P2 left off in the couplet

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