CrossFit Brunswick – CrossFit


-gate swings(down and back)

-leg swings x10 each

-air squats, drop squats, jump squats x5 each

-arm circles and bear hugs x10 each

-lunge and rotate x5 each leg

-world’s greatest stretch x3 each leg

-scales x5 each

-windmills x10

-inchworms x5

-I’s, Y’s and T’s x10 each

Barbell warm up

-strict press, push press, push jerks x5 each

-goodmornings x10

Split Jerk (1×1)


jerk dip (hold 5s in bottom)+ split jerk

build to a heavy single

Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)


Build to a 1rm power clean

2:00 rest

8:00 AMRAP

Max reps @ 90% of today’s max

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