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1min birthing stretch

1min bottom squat hold

3 sets w/empty barbell:

5 power cleans

5 front squats

5 reps

While in the high

hang position, get on

your toes so that you are

in full triple extension and hold

that for 2sec, then drop under

the bar catching it below parallel.

Coach demonstration/explanation of

today’s complex, and med ball



one set of the complex

every 90sec working

towards a heavy set of

the complex, after each set perform

3 Med ball cleans focusing

on getting triple extension

and speed dropping under the ball

Clean Pull Complex (10×1)

Clean Pull + Hang Clean + Clean


12min time Cap

ensure you write in the

comment section of Wodify

how you performed this workout

for future reference.

Fast and Heavy (Time)

For time, fast and heavy:

21 dumbbell thrusters

Run 400 meters

18 dumbbell thrusters

Run 400 meters

15 dumbbell thrusters

Run 400 meters

As stated, pick dumbbells that are relatively heavy for you yet still allow you to complete each round of thrusters in very few sets. This workout should be treated like a sprint, so run hard and try to avoid resting until it is over. Intermediate athletes can perform this workout as prescribed, just with lighter dumbbells. Newer athletes can reduce the reps and shorten the runs.

Beginner Option

For time, fast and heavy:

15 dumbbell thrusters

Run 200 meters

12 dumbbell thrusters

Run 200 meters

9 dumbbell thrusters

Run 200 meters

To learn more about Fast and Heavy click here

Tabata Planks (No Measure)

3 rounds (20/10):

Front (+laying on forearms)

Left (+laying on left forearm with right arm and leg extended up)

Right (+laying on right forearm with left arm and leg extended up)

Feet 6″ (+hollow body hold)

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