CrossFit Brunswick – CrossFit


“Roxanne” w/burpees

100′ walking lunge

100′ walking samson stretch

100′ high knees

100′ butt kicks

couch stretch 1min per leg

calve stretch on rig 1min per leg

groin strect 1min


8x100m sprints with 1min rest between each sprint, 1min rest begins when all athletes have crossed the line. Use the first 4 sprints to work up to a full sprint.

1: 100m sprint at 60%

2: 70%

3: 80%

4: 90%

5-8: 100%


Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)


1 rope climb (+legless)

30 air squats

20 AMSU (+T2B)

15 HR push ups (+HSPU)

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